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We offer a full range of services to home users


Installation, configuration, upgrades and repairs; wired and wireless networks; broadband connections - we do all that and more.


Our philosophy is that home computers should be cheap to own and run. Consequently our rates are probably amongst the lowest in the the area. If we can't solve your problems we won't waste your time or your money - usually we don't even charge a call out fee for local visits. 


We can advise you on the great variety of top quality software that is available free of charge for home users, and install them for you if you wish. Why spend £100 on Microsoft Office when there is a perfectly good free alternative? By moving away from expensive anti-virus software to a free one you can save money, even if you pay us to install it, and regain some of your PC's performance.


Before spending money on a replacement PC or an expensive upgrade call us in to check your PC - unless you have specific requirements a PC ought to give at least 5 years good service.


Don't take our word for it - read what some of our customers think of us by clicking here.


If you have a computer problem call us now, without any obligation, on 01234 783246